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New Parent, Children, and Teen Counseling

New Parent Counseling

The transition of a family during the infant and toddler years is very distinct.  Sleep deprivation, tantrums, behavior problems and scheduling shifts are only a sampling of the many issues that face parents.  These can also create strain between couples.  Help - finally - is here!  At LifeMap, we don't expect you to have all the answers - we know every parent needs support during these challenging transition years.  Most infant and toddler services are held in the comfort of your own home, so you don't have to worry about finding childcare for your little one.  Call us - these are amazing years and enjoying them fully are important to your future success as a parent.  Some issues that can be addressed during sessions include:    Post partum depression and support issues, infant and toddler behavior issues such as tantrums, teaching skills to your child such as sharing and obedience and marriage support through these difficult transition years.  

Children's Counseling

At LifeMap, our Children's Services are specialized for children ages 5-12 and their families.  We think strong, resilient families are the result of families who are well supported.  As life changes, what each family needs changes.  Sometimes there is the death of a loved one, behavior challenges, disappointments and the realization that a particular child cannot live up to the dreams of a parent which create the need for therapy.  Sometimes a child has a special need that requires different parenting skills than anticipated and therapeutic support helps the family life their very best life.  Other times a child is suffering from a mental illness that needs special support and special parenting.  Our children's services provide for individual or family sessions with children and supporting them with individualized or family treatment.  This is the support you've always wished for.  

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescence can be a difficult period for teens as they meet more adult expectations and challenges.  Equally challenging are the parenting skills required to support the maturity of these budding young adults and yet set boundaries that keep them safe.  This is a difficult process colored by maintaining control and letting go - all at the same time.  Our adolescent services strive to work with teenagers ages 13-19 who are experiencing difficulties functioning in their home, school or social environment.  Sometimes these struggles are very obvious and very pronounced - other times, they are small struggles that could become big problems if not addressed.  We strive to make teens comfortable in sessions, yet challenge them to take responsibility for their actions and the responsibility of growing into adulthood gracefully.  Our services also include supporting teens who are working through significant mental illness.                   

(If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  You may also visit Befrienders Worldwide for help specific to your location.)