Life Coaching and Mental Health Counseling.

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Individual Counseling

LifeMap Therapy Services get you back on track

Life changes rapidly - get back on track with LifeMap's Therapy Services.  No matter what you're experiencing, no matter what has happened to you, or how desperate the situation is, we believe you can experience a better life.  Therapy helps individuals struggling to make sense of their life, parents who are dealing with difficult and discouraging behavior in their children, couples who are struggling with their marriage, and more.  There is always room for improvement no matter what your life situation is - therapy even helps a good situation get even better!

Reasons People Seek Therapy

Sometimes, people are in great pain and are suffering when they seek therapy.  They decide something has to change and they seek therapy to help them alleviate their pain.  Sometimes people are suffering from anxiety, depression, relationship problems or have problems with their self-esteem.  Clients may sense something in their life isn't going well and decide to bring in a therapist to help before things get worse.  At LifeMap we welcome clients into the practice at any place on their journey.  We take your concerns seriously and create a treatment plan with you that addresses your goals, your expectations and your needs.

Therapy Services Include:

  • An individualized treatment plan that is customized to your unique situation and based on the goals you would like to achieve.

  • Sessions that are convenient to your busy schedule and customized to work for you.

  • Referrals to other specialists as treatment indicates.

  • Billing your insurance (for services in our Barre, Vermont office)

  • Convenient payment methods including credit cards and your Health Savings card.

(If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  You may also visit Befrienders Worldwide for help specific to your location.)