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Marriage and Family

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Marriage and long-term relationships need a map - a Life Map.  These relationships are some of the most complex and often the most confusing to navigate.  Most relationships are entered into happily and each person receives personal fulfillment from the relationship.  In short, it is enjoyable to be around your partner and you love eachother.  Sadly, many relationships are thrown away when hard times come around.  Navigate these stormy waters with a map - a Life Map.

​Stop screaming.  Quit arguing. Communicate better.  At Life Map we see marriage and couples counseling as an opportunity for better tomorrows.  This opportunity starts with a commitment to be in time and space together ready to admit there are tough issues on the table.  The clinician serves as teacher, mentor and mediator to help couples explore difficulties, process hurts, and move forward with their relationship.  Relationships often "wind up" in trouble before they realize it.  Take this opportunity to learn new skills and remember how to enjoy eachother again.  Don't wait - a marriage or relationship in trouble requires timely intervention.

Pre-Marriage Mentoring 

The time before marriage or a civil union is a time of exploration.  Grow together and prepare for the future with pre-marriage mentoring.  During this time you will tenderly explore different areas of life together and discover the ideas you share and those which are different.  Learn the fine art of compromise and the importance of building a firm foundation of trust for your relationship.  Live. Laugh. Love. Learn.  This is time you will enjoy.  If there are issues what have come up, these sessions help work through them, giving you confidence in collaborating together.  The best part?  You can start today!

Divorce Counseling

When a couple decides their relationship is finished, it isn't as simple as filing with the courts.  The couple will continue to share memories for a lifetime.  These memories can be in the form of personal experiences, shared marital property or children.  It is difficult to explain the resulting feelings because they are unique to each couple, however, they do not disappear with the issuing of a divorce decree.  In Divorce Counseling, the situation is unique for each couple.  For some couples, this time might be spent discussing issues co-parenting children.  For other couples, this time might be spent getting closure after a painful marriage and saying goodbye so each person can move on.  The content will be different for each situation but the message will always be the same - you will be listened to and supported.

(If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  You may also visit Befrienders Worldwide for help specific to your location.)