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Toby White, MA

Christopher attained a Master of Arts degree of in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the Union Institute and University.  He has also received post-master’s certification in Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling.  Chris has worked in the mental health field for over eighteen years, serving teens and adults with a variety of therapeutic needs, including trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction.  Christopher’s therapeutic orientation is client centered, strength based, present focused, and progress oriented.  He uses cognitive, behavioral, existential, and mindfulness based modalities in treatment.  “I believe that people have an innate capacity to change, and that as a clinician, meeting them where they are, and building a strong therapeutic relationship, is the most powerful way to help them to achieve change. As your therapist, I will work with you is to develop an individualized therapy process that helps you move towards your personal goals however small or large.”

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Christopher Henderson, MA

LifeMap is an association of private practitioners.  We offer a variety of mental health services.  You may contact a practitioner directly, or for general inquiries, call (802) 622-0683 or email at

Meghan Keough obtained a Master of Science degree in Community Mental Health Counseling at the University of Rochester. She spent time studying and developing skills with mandated populations at the county jail and in an inner city clinic. She focused her studies on individual growth through the use of supports available in the community. Meghan current counseling practice focuses on teenagers and adults where she works with individuals, families, and parents to build skills for successful healing.  Meghan strongly believes that mental illness does not define a person, but instead can help build strength. She applies an integration of personal strengths and skills in combination with cognitive behavioral approaches to assist her clients in reaching their therapeutic  goals.

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Meghan Keough, MS

Toby earned a Master of Arts degree in professional counseling from Liberty University.  Toby has worked in the mental health field for over four years serving adults in a varying capacity depending on the need of the client.  Toby’s focus includes a cognitive behavioral and solution-focused approach that entails building skills to address and change unwanted behaviors.  Toby believes that each individual has the capacity to change his or her unwanted behaviors and achieve a higher quality of life.  Toby specializes in crisis counseling with brief therapeutic interventions.  Toby also focuses on Christian counseling and sports performance based life coaching. 

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