Your Digital Office - Telemedicine Grows Up

September 15th, 2017

As rural mental health providers, distance (and snow!) can limit the mental health service patients can receive.  In some instances, a patient may be to overwhelmed or symptoms prevent even entering into a therapists office.  Now, Telemental health is posed to change accessibility to care.  This workshop is for behavioral health, mental health, and other  providers who are interested in taking their practices digital!  Due to changes in law, telemental health will now be billable in the state of Vermont.  These changes go live October 1st, 2017, but do you know how to practice ethically in this area.  Do you know how to protect yourself from lawsuits, how to bill properly and how to provide your clients with the best service?  Join this equipping event where you will get a solid foundation to begin your telemedicine practice.   The workshop provides in-depth learning in the following four areas:

  • Telemental Health's history - now and then.
  • Technical Mandates and Options.
  • Clinical Guidelines and Best Practices.
  • ​Emergency Management.

A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the workshop so you can document your attendance.

Join LifeMap's expert facilitators as we explore topics that equip you to enjoy your best life!  Whether you prefer morning, an afternoon, in person, after hours or learning with us from a million miles away, our workshops are there when you need them.  Click on the link below each description for more information on each workshop and to sign up.

Marriage Fight Club

October 28th, 2017

Love and marriage - who knew it would be this hard?   Join expert facilitators Sarah White, M.S., LCMHC  and Jim Pugliese, M.S., LCMHC as they take you on a fun, encouraging journey into the marriage fight club.  In this workshop we will focus on arguments - how they happen, how to communicate effectively through them and how to get to a resolution.  In just a few hours, you're going to learn how to navigate disagreements in ways that build your relationship instead of tear it down!  By the end of the workshop, you will leave with a better understanding of what goes wrong, how to resolve it and how to build a stronger relationship.  No therapy and no gimmicks - just skills you can use as soon as you walk out the door.  This workshop is for couples in all stages of their relationship - those just beginning (or engaged), those who are blissfully happy and want to continue, couples who are struggling and those who are wondering it this relationship is really worth it after all.  Couples are encouraged to attend together.  Don't have a spouse willing to attend?  Come anyway - you will learn so much that will benefit your relationship.  You won't want to miss this - you've never been to a workshop like this before!

5 Guideposts for Finishing Strong

September 8th, 2017

This workshop is for parents of high school seniors!  You've made it - your student is in their final year of high school!  Join expert facilitators Sarah White, M.S., LCMHC and James Pugliese, M.S., LCMHC as they equip you for the most important year of your student's academic life.  This year is like no other, so join other parents of high school seniors as we give you a strong foundation for parenting through this year.  You will enjoy topics such as:

  • Encouraging independence in your student for the next stage of life.
  • Learn how to keep them motivated and going through this year so they won't lose all that hard work!
  • Continue building relationships so this year has a strong finish you and your student are proud of.
  • Tried and true stress management skills you and your student can use this year to manage the many transitions.

This final year of high school has more on the line than perhaps any other year of their academic career.  Get equipped and be confident in the parenting challenges ahead of you as you set a course for finishing strong this year!


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